Supplemental and Part Time IT Staff

Onsite and Offsite Supplemental or Part Time IT Staff in Boston

Having a full-time IT staff member or team can be quite costly – paid vacation, sick-time, and insurance are just some of the overhead costs.

Can’t afford a knowledgeable IT staff? QED can provide full or part time staffing without these redundant and unnecessary costs and will always have someone available for your IT needs 24/7.

How can you be sure that you will get a 24/7 support while decreasing your overhead? QED Systems can provide you with Onsite and Offsite support whether you require full or part time person.

If you are an executive looking for a right IT partnership or you just want to make sure you are taking the correct steps in your decisions feel free to drop us a line. We won’t muddy the waters with tons of biz-speak. But we will bring you a serious return on investment.

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