Onsite and Offsite Supplemental or Part Time IT Staff in Boston

Having a full-time IT staff member or team can be quite costly – paid vacation, sick-time, and insurance are just some of the overhead costs.

Can’t afford a knowledgeable IT staff? QED can provide full or part time staffing without these redundant and unnecessary costs and will always have someone available for your IT needs 24/7.

How can you be sure that you will get a 24/7 support while decreasing your overhead? QED Systems can provide you with Onsite and Offsite support whether you require full or part time person.

24/7 Local Support

There are many companies that claim to offer 24/7 support, but how many of them actually provide that support and where is this support based?, is it the same state or even country where your business resides? We employ local support staff and help contribute to local, state and US economy.

QED Systems partners with global leaders in network security and application technologies.