Configuration and Management Cloud Based Email Services for Business

Numerous benefits are compelling businesses to shift their email services to the cloud. A cloud-based email model can address support and security issues, and restore sanity when it comes to handling communication problems in your business.

Picking the right email service can be a demanding task, QED Systems can help you with that. We can set up, manage and configure role=”group” the “Big Three” Cloud Email Services for your business, including:

  • Google Apps for Work
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Cisco WebEx Mail

An effective business email service allows you to focus on your business rather than worry about managing an email system. QED System provides a reliable cloud based email solution with no requirement for any expensive hardware or complex software.

Since 1989 QED Systems provides Email Services Solutions for Businesses in New England:

If you are an executive looking for a right IT partnership or you just want to make sure you are taking the correct steps in your decisions feel free to drop us a line. We won’t muddy the waters with tons of biz-speak. But we will bring you a serious return on investment.

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